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Activ8 Raw Data Activity Recorder

The HP215 Activ8 raw data physical activity recorder is a cutting-edge device designed to capture high-resolution raw sensor acceleration and motion data for a broad spectrum of applications. This advanced recorder integrates an array of sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers, to provide comprehensive and precise activity & motion tracking.

  • High-Resolution Data Capture
  • Wearable and Lightweight
  • Versatile Applications
  • Wireless BLE 5.2
  • Robust and Durable
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • CE certified, IP67 waterproof


Sports Performance Tracking

Monitor and analyze athletes’ movements to enhance training and improve performance.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Track patients’ recovery progress and adjust therapy plans based on precise motion data.

Research and Development

Gather detailed motion data for scientific studies and product development.

Fitness and Health Monitoring

Use in fitness applications to track and analyze physical activity for improved health outcomes.

ECG monitoring for sports

Why Choose the HP215 Activ8 Raw Data Activity Recorder?

The HP215 Activ8 Raw Data Activity Recorder is not just an activity & motion logger; it’s a comprehensive solution for anyone needing accurate and detailed activity & motion data. Whether you’re a researcher, healthcare professional, or fitness enthusiast, the HP215 provides the tools you need to achieve your goals. Invest in the Activ8 HP215 today and experience the future of physical activity & motion tracking technology.

HP215 Raw Data Activity Recorder key features

sample rates

The acceleration and gyroscope signals support sample rates ranging from 25 to 800 sps in multiples of 2, while the magnetometer signal can be sampled at either 50 or 100 sps.


The HP215 offers unparalleled precision in recording 16-bit acceleration, gyroscope, and magnetometer data, ensuring accurate and detailed motion analysis.

With a long-lasting battery, the HP215 ensures uninterrupted data logging over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent recharges. The recorder has a memory size of 16GB.

recording download

After recording, the device is placed in a docking station connected to a computer or USB-on-the-go device. The docking station provides extremely fast download speeds of up to 20 MB per second, allowing even the longest recordings to be downloaded quickly with minimal waiting time.

Wearable and Lightweight

Designed for comfort and convenience (50x35x9mm, 20gr), the HP215 can be worn effortlessly, making it ideal for continuous monitoring throughout the day.

Wireless BLE 5.2 connectivity

Setup, start/stop recordings and live streaming using wireless BLE 5.2. Possibility for time-synchronised setups with multiple devices. API available for client specific applications.

Perfect for sports performance analysis, rehabilitation monitoring, research studies, and more, the HP215 adapts to various use cases with ease.

Built to withstand rigorous conditions, the HP215 is durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance in any environment. Waterproof IP67.

The device features an intuitive interface, making it easy to set up and operate, even for those new to motion tracking technology.

The HP215 supports seamless integration with your software systems, allowing for easy data analysis and application in artificial intelligence-driven insights.


CE certified. Directly usable in research studies. All testing according to medical device standards. Produced according to ISO13485.

Body attachment – importance of good mechanical coupling

The HP215 Raw Data Activity Recorder offers flexible attachment options to ensure optimal performance and data accuracy. The device can be directly adhered to the body using specially designed tape or attached using a wearable strap.

Accurate data collection is critically dependent on the quality of the mechanical coupling between the logger and the body. Proper attachment ensures that the sensors maintain consistent contact with the body, minimizing movement artifacts and ensuring the most precise readings. The specially designed tape provides a secure and stable adhesion, ideal for activities requiring minimal interference. Alternatively, the wearable strap offers a comfortable yet firm fit, ensuring the device remains in place even during vigorous activities.

By maintaining a stable and secure attachment, the HP215 Activity Recorder can deliver the most reliable and accurate motion and activity data, which is essential for applications ranging from sports performance tracking to medical monitoring.

Extra sensors & custom solutions

The HP215 Activity Recorder can be expanded with extra sensors through the digital interface. This makes it possible to easily integrate additional sensors to enhance monitoring capabilities. Currently, we support solutions for the following sensors, however for more details on customising your setup and integrating other sensors, feel free to contact us.

Temperature sensor

Enhance the Activ8 Raw Data Activity Recorder platform by incorporating one or more temperature sensors to monitor skin or environmental temperatures.

PPG sensor

Integrate a PPG (photoplethysmography) sensor into the Motion Pro platform to measure heart rate and other vital signs. PPG can be used for tracking of cardiovascular health. Utilize the PPG signal to derive the SpO2 oxygenation level, providing a comprehensive assessment of blood oxygen saturation.

GSR sensor

Integrate a galvanic skin response sensor into the Motion Pro platform to monitor changes in skin conductivity, which can indicate stress levels and emotional states.

Universal strain sensor

Incorporate a universal strain sensor into the Activ8 Raw Data Activity Recorder platform to measure mechanical deformation, respiration or movement, enhancing the monitoring of motion and various other vital signs.


The Activ8 Raw Data Activity Recorder PC software is a comprehensive application designed to seamlessly integrate with Activ8 recorders, offering a range of powerful functionalities for users. Key features include:

1. Setup and Recording Management: Easily configure scheduled start and stop times for recordings, ensuring precise data capture tailored to specific needs. Users can also download recordings either via the docking or wirelessly, providing flexibility and convenience in data management.

2. Status Information: Stay informed with real-time device status, battery levels, and recording progress, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and optimal performance.

3. Live View: Access live views of motion signal traces, enabling immediate assessment of physiological signals.

4. Operating System Compatibility: The software is compatible with Windows 10/11, with an optional version available for MAC OSX, ensuring broad accessibility across different computing environments.

Overall, the Activ8 PC software is an essential tool for enhancing the functionality of Activ8 recorders, providing robust setup options, real-time monitoring, and seamless data management.

P-Cardio PC application

Technical Specifications

Wearable Physical Activity & Motion Logger

  • Sensors: Motion (acc, gyro, mag)
    • Acceleration & gyroscope:
      • Sample rate: 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800hz,
      • Resolution 16bit
    • Magnetometer:
      • Sample rate: 50, 100,
      • Resolution: 16bit
  • Event marker button
  • Storage capacity: 16GB
  • Power: rechargable 400mAHrLiPo battery, recordings up to 5 days
  • Indicators: wireless BLE, power, warning
  • High-speed recording download: > 20Mbyte per sec
  • Wireless BLE 5.2: setup, start/stop, live streaming
  • Dimensions [L x H x D]: 50 x 35 x 9mm
  • Weight: 20gr
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Device Application Interface (API): available
  • CE certified (tests according to medical device standards, production according to ISO13485)

Body attachment

  • Wearable straps & textile integrations
  • Patches: Disposable patch directly to the body for long measurements

Docking station

  • High speed recording download: (20MByte per second) & measurement setup
  • Recharge: recorder charging

Wireless dongle

  • Connectivity: Wireless BLE 5.2 communication with API
  • Functions: setup, start/stop recording, live streaming, time sync

Software application

  • Functions: setup (scheduled start/stop) & download recording (via docking and/or wirelessly)
  • Status information: Device, battery and recording status information
  • Live view: Live view of motion signal traces
  • OS: Windows 10/11, MAC OSX optional

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