Key benefits Activ8 compared to conventional physical activity monitors

Over the last months Activ8 has piqued the interest of various weight consultants, dieticians, physiotherapists and life style coaches. Having a physical activity monitor that easily and accurately tracks the amount of calories their clients have spent helps them to give their clients the correct advices on changing their lifestyle.

The first aspect of Activ8 that grabbed their attention was the capability to recognize the type of activities during the users normal daily routines. The Activ8 physical activity monitor detects the type of activity you have been doing and charts whether you were sitting, lying, standing, walking, cycling or running. Not only does this provide an accurate and very useful impression of their clients lifestyle and thus on potential improvements in their lifestyle, it also gives the users practical information about their daily activities that they can easily relate to. Since the user gets a clear and easily understandable overview of his activities during the day minute by minute he will automatically make changes to improve his lifestyle, even without any help or advice from their coaches. Just having this information motivates the users and makes the coaches job easier and the success rate higher, also on the long term.

The next benefit of Activ8 that is acknowledged is the founded accurate calculation of the amount of calories used. Since the Activ8 physical activity monitor measures the type of activities and the duration and intensity of these activities, the calculation is much more accurate compared to common physical activity monitors. Weight consultants and dieticians in their daily work are mainly focussed on food intake and changing this such that the amount of calories taken reduces and is balanced with the calorie usage. So accurate calorie usage is as important as intake and is used to correctly lose weight as well. In fact by changing both intake and usage the targets will be reached faster and easier and the chance of long term success increases. That´s why they desire the very accurate calorie calculations that Activ8 offers. Just wear the tracker and Activ8 does the work: Accurate minute by minute calorie measurements, no effort!

The last aspect Activ8 stands out for is the real-time feedback the Activ8 Activity Tracker gives via the emoticons on the tracker itself. Just set the daily targets you are striving for and the tracker will at any moment of the day inform you on your progress. It’s fun and easily understandable. The user immediately knows whether he is on track and can take correcting measures still on the same day to meet his daily target. Everybody wants his tracker to smile!

So these weight consultants, dieticians, physiotherapists and life style coaches are especially enthusiastic about the insight the Activ8 physical activity monitor gives on the type of activities the user undertakes resulting in better life style advice, accurate calorie calculations and long lasting results. And last but not least, the immediate feedback the tracker gives to the user on his progress towards his daily targets.

Activ8 wearable activity & sleep sensor

Activ8 offers consumer & medical-grade wearable devices for monitoring activity and sleep for use in consumer lifestyle, sports, research, clinical, therapy and OEM. Solutions that are both easy to use and scientifically validated.


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