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Activ8 has been deemed valid for use with the general population and stroke patients for posture detection based on the following validation studies.

Fanchamps, M. H. J., Horemans, H. L. D., Ribbers, G. M., Stam, H. J., & Bussmann, J. B. J. (2018). The accuracy of the detection of body postures and movements using a physical activity monitor in people after a stroke. Sensors (Switzerland), 18(7).

Horemans, H., Kooijmans, H., van den Berg-Emons, R., & Bussmann, H. (2020). The Activ8 activity monitor: Validation of posture and movement classification. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering, 7, 205566831989053.

Valkenet, K., & Veenhof, C. (2019). Validity of three accelerometers to investigate lying, sitting, standing and walking. PLoS ONE, 14(5).

Wondergem, R. (2020). Chapter 4: Criterion and Structural Validity of the Activ8 Accelerometer in Community-Walking People with Stroke. In Movement behavior in people with a first-ever stroke The RISE cohort study (pp. 83–100).

Other publications

A Novel Tool for Quantifying and Promoting Physical Activity in Youths With Typical Development and Youths Who Are Ambulatory and Have Motor Disability

Kristel Lankhorst, Rita J van den Berg-Emons, Johannes B J Bussmann, Herwin L D Horemans, Janke F de Groot

Physical Therapy, Volume 99, Issue 3, March 2019, Pages 354–363,

Validity of consumer-grade activity monitor to identify manual wheelchair propulsion in standardised activities of daily living

Marika T. Leving1*, Henricus L. D. Horemans2, Riemer J. K. Vegter1, Sonja de Groot1,3, Johannes B. J. Bussmann2, Lucas H. V. van der Woude

The Accuracy of the Detection of Body Postures and Movements Using a Physical Activity Monitor in People after a Stroke

Malou H. J. Fanchamps 1,2 ID , Herwin L. D. Horemans 1, Gerard M. Ribbers 1,2 ID , Henk J. Stam 1 and Johannes B. J. Bussmann

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Erasmus MC University Medical Centre Rotterdam, PO Box 2040, 3000 CA Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Published: 5 July 2018

Detection of body postures and movements in ambulatory adults with cerebral palsy: a novel and valid measure of physical behaviour

Everett A. Claridge , Rita J. G. van den Berg-Emons , Herwin L. D. Horemans , Wilma M. A. van der Slot, Nick van der Stam, Ada Tang , Brian W. Timmons , Jan Willem Gorter and Johannes B. J. Bussmann

Claridge et al. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation (2019) 16:125

Accuracy of energy expenditure in daily activities

Arts, D., Oomen, J., Borghouts, L. & Vos, S.
School of Sport Studies, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Activ8 compared to the Actigraph GTX3 +, heart rate measurement and indirect calorimetry. Download poster.

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Daily activities, body postures, energy expenditure
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