Sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring

Activity recognition for sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring with Activ8 Professional

Activ8 professional can also be used for sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring. When selecting instead of the pocket position the chest position classification is done in different posture and motion classes compared to the normal Activ8 posture & movement categories when used in the pocket (non-wear, sitting, standing, walking, cycling and running).

Sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring classes

When selecting the chest position for Activ8 professional all client movements are classified in one of the following categories:

  1. Non-wear
  2. Lying Side (Left & Right)
  3. Lying Back
  4. Lying Chest
  5. Sedentary behaviour (sitting / standing) – Low intensity
  6. High intensity (walking, cycling, running)

This gives on a second by second basis detailed information about the body position of clients or patients. Next to the classification in one of the 6 categories the output contains also the movement intensity, which can be used in computations towards MET or kcal.

Output format of Activ8 Professional – sedentary lifestyle & sleep monitoring

All measurements are available on the Activ8 device in CSV format. Each row contains information over the last period with duration of 5 minutes, 1 minute or 5 seconds depending on the application. Each row consists of a number of columns. A column contains:

  1. Date & Time
  2. Total time in each movement / activity class (6 columns)
  3. Movement intensity of each movement / activity class (6 columns)

Combine Activ8’s to obtain more insight

If using 2 Activ8’s: one in the pocket and one on the chest you get much more detailed information about a clients or patients activities and movements during the whole day. Inform about the possibilities.

This feature is at the moment being validated together with Leiden University Medical Centre and Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

Activ8 wearable activity & sleep sensor

Activ8 offers consumer & medical-grade wearable devices for monitoring activity and sleep for use in consumer lifestyle, sports, research, clinical, therapy and OEM. Solutions that are both easy to use and scientifically validated.


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