Tips for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle helps to feel better. But what does a healthy lifestyle mean, what can you do about it yourself and what does it bring? Here you find a few tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Tip 1: Get moving

We all sit too often and too long without any interruptions. For most people the biggest health gain can be achieved by becoming more active. Think for example of the Dutch Norm Healthy Movement that advices to be active each day for at least 30 minutes with moderate intensity. Normal activities like walking, cycling, gardening or housekeeping do already do the job. Activities that can easily be fitted in your daily routine. Moderate intensity is when you feel your heart rate increases and your breathing rate accelerates a little.

Besides the Norm Healthy Movement there is also the FitNorm: being 3 times a week active with high intensity activities like playing tennis, jogging, fitness or swimming. You are always free to move more, because it also has a direct effect on your mood.

Many people are not aware much or better said how little they really move. Tools like Activ8 help you to indicate if you achieve the fit and movement norm, but also provide clear information in how long and much you were active and what you were doing giving clear insight in your movement pattern.

Tip 2: Relax

We have a lot on our minds: work, family, sport, friends and always being available on your smartphone. A little stress is no problem, but too much is not good for your health. Unwind on a frequent basis: switch off you mobile phone and screens and go outside for a nice walk or half an hour jogging. You can also prepare a healthy meal in your kitchen and enjoy it afterwards with family or friends. Sit on your couch with a good book and go to bed early. Time for yourself is not a luxury, but a pure necessity to recharge your batteries again.

Tip 3: Enjoy good (and healthy) food

Good and healthy food is part of a healthy lifestyle. Enough vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products, fish and healthy fats (like vegetable oil). That provides your body of important vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients.

Eating healthy is not difficult, but mainly an indulgence for your body. In the end that fruit smoothie, the large, green salad or that grilled fish provide much more energy and satisfaction then a fast food meal. What it requires is to change your current habits. Not always easy, but more people have proven that it is possible, therefore also for you!

Tip 4: Slowly towards a good weight

If your clothes do not fit any longer and you notice that your health is at risk by all those extra kilo’s it is time to do something about it. The best way to lose weight is: go slow. So NO crash diet!

Try every time to make the healthy choice. No fried potatoes, but cooked potatoes. No croissant, but a sandwich mackerel. No cookie, but fruit. No movie on TV, but a stiff walk. Step by step you will notice that you lose weight.

Tip 5: Good sleep

People need on average seven to eight hours of sleep per day. Not getting there? Try for a while to go to bed earlier. You will notice that you get more energy.

Tip 6: Stop bad habits

Everybody knows smoking is bad for your health. If you want to work on a healthy lifestyle then that is one of the first things you should deal with. Ask for help, for example your general practitioner or read a good book about it. And how about alcohol? It is recommended not to drink every day and to drink not more than two (man) or one (woman) glasses.


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